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Herpes or HSV-1 is a very common infection that falls under the category of contagious diseases. It has been found that one out of every six people have herpes in United States, with women constituting the majority. This statistics details out that these people belong to the age group of 14-49. The fact that maximum affected population falls is under 50 clearly indicates that HSV both 1 and 2 have become very common and even infected people can lead a normal life. 

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Discuss things with your partner

When you know that you suffer from cold sores, which are the result of Herpes-1 infection, you need to be careful while engaging with a partner. It is important that you discuss the things out before getting physically intimate. Your partner should be aware of the facts and the consequences of the scenario. Be careful about mentioning the infection being contagious and allow your partner some time before he or she jumps into the depth of the relationship. The infection is not going to kill you or your partner but you need to take things slow and respect the reaction your partner gives. 

Be aware of the symptoms

You will probably have no or little symptoms and that would include blisters and painful sores. You generally develop cold sores as a result of outbreak but that can be kept under control by keeping a check on the triggering agents. There is a special diet recommended for herpes patients and so to prevent the disease from worsening that should be strictly followed. When you are dating someone, you need to make him or her understand about these things and also make yourself understand that it will take time before things settle down. Your partner might require time to update the knowledge related to this disease. 

Keep a check on your diet and medication

Following a diet that is nutritious as well as well balanced can effectively control the infection. It has also been suggested that alcohol and caffeine consumption should be limited. Lysine rich food should form the prime part of your diet whereas food rich in arginine should be avoided. The focus should be on eating fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy products are to be avoided so that things stay a little less painful. By controlling the breakouts you can enjoy pleasurable time with your partner and also prevent him from getting infected.

Dating a person that isn’t affected with herpes is a lot more difficult than to date someone that has gone through a similar phase. This way, there would be an instant connection, something that you’d want in a relationship. So, all you need to do is look out for places that attract singles living with herpes and herpes dating site is certainly one of them.

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