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Discovering that you’re infected with HSV can be agonizing, especially when you’re aware of the stigma attached to the condition. So, how exactly do you get back on the dating scene when you’re living with herpes? Have a look at the guidelines below and explore the many ways of dealing with the condition.

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Being honest is good but don’t be brutally honest: You cannot let her fall for you unless you’ve made things clear in the first place. It is important that you tell your date what you feel and give her enough time to absorb this. Maintaining honestly and openness with a potential companion is pivotal when you’re looking forward to having a long lasting relationship. Remember, timing is everything when you’re having ‘the talk’. Just blurting out at any given time wouldn’t help the cause.

Don’t show herpes to be a huge factor: It is important that you treat herpes like any other condition, without showing that it holds a key place in your life. In case you’re rejected by someone, don’t think it is because you’re affected with a sexually transmitted infection. Besides, never make the STD as an excuse to refrain from self – improvement.

Educate your partner: When you’re looking to grow old with someone, it is important that you educate the person about your condition. Dating with herpes can prove to be a lot easier when you know that your partner understands you. Not every person would be aware of herpes and how they’re at risk of contracting HSV. Therefore, it would be better to enlighten him / her on what it is and how to prevent getting the virus.

Get help: It is important that you learn to make peace with yourself before you venture into the world of dating. Once you’re diagnosed with herpes, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. While antiviral therapy is helpful, it is proven to be more of the relief therapy rather than a curing agent. As a matter of fact, there is no cure for herpes and once you get it you have it forever. You can visit local STD centers or join an online herpes community to get help on how you can manage the symptoms associated with herpes. You may also consider joining a specialist herpes dating site as it would help you connect with hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe.

Dating with herpes is certainly not a cake walk and you’d have to make a great deal of effort in order to reach a certain degree of understanding with your companion. However, once you are done with the initial steps, things would certainly become easier.

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